12 Year Anniversary Gift

12th wedding anniversary gift ideas: silk gifts for him and her

Are you looking for 12th wedding anniversary gift ideas for your loved one? 

If you are getting ready to celebrate your upcoming 12th wedding anniversary, there is no better way to commemorate this milestone than with the traditional gift of silk. A 12 year wedding anniversary gift of silk will offer a touch of sophistication, ultimate comfort, and a good dose of wellness.

Here, we explore why silk anniversary gifts are the best anniversary gifts and we share our top picks of the best 12 year anniversary gifts for him and her from our luxurious silk collection of silk gifts for him and silk gifts for her.

We also share our top tips of what to keep in mind when shopping for anniversary gifts for your loved ones along with our chosen selection of luxury silk gifts to truly indulge them on this special wedding anniversary.

Trust us, both you and your partner are in for a treat!

The tradition of wedding anniversary gifts

Did you know that the tradition of giving specific materials for wedding anniversaries dates back to the Middle Ages?

Back then, it was customary for the husband to give his wife a silver garland on their 25th anniversary and a golden one on their 50th. Fast forward to the Victorian era, and a list was created assigning a specific material to each anniversary year, symbolising the strength and resilience of the marriage.

The 12th year of marriage was designated with silk and linen in this long-standing tradition.

Silk, known for its strength and durability, symbolises the resilience of the couple's relationship by the twelfth year. It represents the intricate weaving of their life together, their adaptability, and the luxury that they've come to share - a true testament to the endurance of their love. 

Did you know? In the UK, the 4th wedding anniversary gift is also a gift of silk, so there are two opportunities to indulge them in luxurious silk pieces! Here we share the benefits of silk anniversary gifts for him and her.

Why is silk the best 12 year anniversary gift?

The beauty benefits of silk

Silk fabric is not only well known for its luxury and elegance, but also for its numerous wellness and beauty benefits

Silk for skincare

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase has become one of the fastest growing beauty trends over the last few years, given silk's natural smooth texture providing a number of benefits for skin and hair. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase has been hailed to be 'anti-ageing' due to the reduced friction against skin overnight leading to less creases forming on skin. Silk fabric is also naturally hydrating as it absorbs less moisture compared to materials such as cotton, which means that it helps to keep skin and hair hydrated overnight as you sleep.

Silk for haircare

A silk pillowcase is also good for hair, as the reduced friction against hair overnight helps to reduce hair tangling and tugging, which helps to promote hair health overnight as you sleep. Silk's naturally smooth surface reduces frizz forming as you toss and turn, which also helps to maintain your hairstyles overnight as you sleep.

Silk for comfort and better quality sleep

Silk fabric is naturally hypoallergenic which makes it perfect for sensitive skin, and silk has a natural ability to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. This means that using a silk pillowcase and silk eye mask for sleeping can help to increase comfort as you drift to sleep, promoting overall better sleep quality.

So - if you are looking for the perfect 12 year anniversary gift it is clear that 100% silk gifts are the best choice! When you gift silk, you're gifting a luxurious experience that promotes relaxation, wellness, and better sleep along with a number of beauty benefits too, making a silk gift the perfect anniversary gift for her or him.

Our top picks for the best 12th anniversary silk gifts for him and her

1. The Pure Silk Pillowcase Set of Two

mulberry silk pillowcase set of two

The Silk Collection Silk Pillowcase Pair in Champagne


A set of luxury mulberry silk pillowcases makes the perfect 12th anniversary gift for both of you! Mark your 12 year anniversary with a touch of luxury and make every night feel like a night in a luxury hotel with our premium silk pillowcases. 

This isn't just about adding a dash of luxury to your bedroom décor; using a silk pillowcase also has a number of benefits for your skin, hair and overall sleep quality each night, so it really is the gift that keeps on giving every night!

At The Silk Collection, we use the highest grade mulberry silk available in the world to craft our pure silk pillows to provide ultimate comfort and luxury as you go to sleep every night. We also use a thick, luxurious silk with a 22 momme count, which means that it has a significantly higher silk thread count compared to equivalent silk pillowcases available online. This means our 100% silk pillowcases feel especially luxurious against your skin as you sleep at night, to promote comfort and overall sleep quality every night for both you and your partner.

Our silk pillowcase gift set is packaged into our signature luxury gift box, making it the perfect anniversary gift for him or her.

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2. The Pure Silk Eye Mask

Silk sleep mask The Silk Collection


Does your partner struggle to sleep at night? Using an eye mask for sleeping is one of the easiest ways to improve sleep quality by blocking out the light and promoting a more peaceful and undisturbed sleep.

Our 100% silk eye mask offers the ultimate luxury sleeping experience. The soft and smooth texture of this silk sleep mask will feel heavenly against your skin, and the sleep mask will block out light, ensuring uninterrupted beauty sleep.

Using a silk eye mask rather than an eye mask made from another material, such as cotton, also provides the range of beauty benefits mentioned above for your skin whilst you sleep.

An eye mask a great gift for anyone who appreciates good sleep or could use a little help with unwinding - whilst a silk eye mask adds an extra touch of luxury and comfort against your skin as you sleep, it also comes with a number of beauty benefits - it's a win win!

A silk sleep mask is also an excellent gift for a partner who frequently travels to add a touch of luxury to their travel journey and help them to enjoy better quality sleep whilst travelling.

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3. The Pure Silk Sleep Set

Silk Anniversary Gifts

The Pure Silk Pillowcase and Silk Eye Mask Sleep Set


Why gift one when you can gift a silk pillowcase and eye mask set together? A silk pillowcase and eye mask gift set is the ultimate 12th anniversary gift, amplifying the beauty and wellness benefits for your partner with the dreamy combination of silk for a luxurious nights sleep.

Wrapped in our signature gift box, our Pure Silk Sleep Set is a thoughtful, luxurious, yet practical gift set which will help their sleep for many nights to come!

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The best 12 year anniversary gifts for her

Looking for a luxury anniversary gift for her? Here are our our top picks from our collection of silk gifts for her to give the ultimate luxurious experience. 

1. The Pure Silk Robe

Silk Robe for a Wedding Anniversay Gift


Let your loved one indulge in the comfort and elegance of a silk robe. The silky smooth fabric gliding over the skin feels luxurious. This timeless piece is perfect for lounging around the house or getting ready in the morning.

A silk robe is an ideal gift for lounging and relaxing, turning ordinary days into spa-like experiences.

The Silk Collection silk robe is made from the highest grade 100% mulberry silk, with a luxury thickness of 22 momme, to give ultimate comfort throughout its wear. 

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2. Silk scrunchie gift sets

Silk hair scrunchies gift set for her

 The Silk Collection Set of Four Silk Scrunchies Gift Set

A silk pillowcase is well known for its benefits for hair, however a silk hair scrunchie is the lesser known haircare hero that can be incorporated into your daily haircare routine. Using a silk hair tie or silk hair scrunchie is an effortless way to look after your hair throughout the day, as silk is smooth and glides against the hair to reduce hair breakage and split ends.

Not only is a silk scrunchie practical and functional for everyday use, it is also adds a touch of luxury to everyday outfits! Plus, they come in various colours, making them a perfect gift for someone who likes to change up their look frequently.

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3. The Silk Hair Wrap for Sleeping

Silk Sleep Wrap for a Gift

The Silk Collection 100% Mulberry Silk Hair Wrap in Blush Pink

The Silk Hair Wrap is the ultimate luxury addition to your nightly haircare routine! A Silk Hair Wrap is a nighttime essential to protect hair from breakage and frizz as you sleep. Our double-lined Hair Wrap is made from the softest, 100% mulberry silk, our hair bonnet is soft and gentle against hair to prevent damage and reduce frizz, so that you wake up with shinier, frizz-free hair!

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4. The Ultimate Silk Sleep Set

Silk pillowcase and scrunchie set

The Silk Collection Ultimate Silk Sleep Set 

Enjoy the ultimate luxury sleep experience with our silk pillowcase, eye mask and scrunchie gift set. 

Use The Silk Collection mulberry silk pillowcase to give better quality sleep, along with a range of skincare and haircare benefits.

Use The Silk Collection eye mask to help to block out the light whilst the soft mulberry silk fabric is gentle on your skin for ultimate comfort.

Use The Silk Collection large silk scrunchie for sleeping: tie your hair gently as you go to sleep to help prevent hair breakage and frizz. 


Summary - it's time to shop 12th year silk anniversary gifts!

In conclusion, the 12th anniversary, represented by silk, signifies the luxury, comfort, and wellness of your relationship. Whether it's a silk pillowcase, silk eye mask, silk robe, or silk scrunchies, these gifts bring a touch of elegance, a hint of luxury, and elevated wellness into everyday life. 

We hope you love these top picks of luxury silk gifts for your 12th wedding anniversary! Explore our collection below: