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      Hypoallergenic. Luxurious. One-of-a-kind softness. Our highest grade 100% mulberry silk accessories make the perfect bridesmaid gifts, gifts for moms (especially the Mother of the Bride gifts!) and of course, Bride to Be gifts.

      100% mulberry silk accessories offer a unique and luxurious gift to last a lifetime, which makes them the best bridal shower gifts to add a touch of luxury to their day. Shop our collection of pure mulberry silk pillowcases and accessories to give the gift of luxury Bridal beauty sleep, natural skincare, and effortless hair care in the lead up to their wedding day.

      You can also make your own custom gift box by adding a gift box to your order and selecting the products you would like to be added into it. Simply add a note at checkout to confirm the items to add into the gift box, and we will package this for you!

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      Regardless of whether you’re opting for a luxurious 100% silk pillowcase to use in the lead up to their big day, a silk sleep mask to help them get better quality sleep, a pure silk robe to add elegance to their wedding day morning, or sleek silk hair ties to use both in the lead up to the wedding and beyond, our mulberry silk pieces comes in a variety of colours to make the perfect luxury gift for a Bride to Be.

      Why mulberry silk? Because mulberry silk is inherently resistant against mold, dust mites, and other irritants that can trigger acne flare-ups and hair breakage leading up to (and on!) your big day. This means that, alongside your hint of glamour, opting for any piece from The Silk Collection Bridal Collection will keep you looking and feeling your most beautiful… right when it matters most.

      When it comes to the benefits of mulberry silk, the list is nearly endless; that’s because high grade silk is 100% natural, breathable, and moisture-wicking, offering a wide range of benefits for skin, hair and the quality of your sleep.

      Here at The Silk Collection, we consider mulberry silk to be an everyday luxury – and we know that investing in your health and beauty doesn’t have to come at a high price tag. By shopping with us, you’re doing your part to support an Independent business and supporting mental health awareness, as a portion of every order is donated to Mind Charity. And above all? You’re not just buying silk: you’re buying memories.