3 Must-have Luxury Travel Accessories Gifts for Her and Him

3 Must-have Luxury Travel Accessories Gifts for Her and Him

Are you looking for luxury travel accessories to accompany your next holiday? Or are you looking for unique travel accessory gifts for a travel enthusiast who also likes a touch of luxury?

We know that packing for a big trip can be stressful and often people forget to pack the little luxuries that can really elevate their travel journey and enhance general wellness when travelling.

Our collection of 100% silk travel accessories has been designed to enhance comfort, style, and overall wellness while on the go, which makes them the perfect luxury travel gifts for anyone who might want to elevate their travels. In our opinion, silk accessories make the best luxury travel accessories as they not only add a touch of luxury to your journey, but they also come with a wide range of beauty benefits for skin and hair, as well as improved quality of sleep when you travel. 

Here we've selected our favourite silk travel accessories that are an absolute must-have for your next trip. Whether you are a frequent flyer, planning your next big trip, or looking for the perfect luxury travel gift for a loved one, make sure to add these travel accessories to your holiday shopping list - trust us, you will not regret it!

3 Must-Have Premium Travel Accessories for her and him

 1. Silk Eye Mask for travel: Enjoy a luxurious good night's sleep on the move

Have you tried to go to sleep on a flight and just as you start to fall asleep, the person next to you turns on their light for reading?

When it comes to travel, getting good quality sleep can be challenging, especially during long flights or when staying in unfamiliar accommodations. A silk eye mask is the perfect travel gift, making a great companion to ensure you, or someone special, have a peaceful and undisturbed sleep experience.

If you are sensitive to bright lights when you sleep, trying to sleep when travelling (especially on a long-haul flight!) can be a very difficult and uncomfortable experience. Using a luxury eye mask is not only useful for blocking out the light, but it also offers a luxurious touch against your skin, providing a soft and gentle sensation that promotes relaxation. 

Our best-selling silk eye masks are made from the highest quality 100% mulberry silk to provide the ultimate comfort as you go to sleep. By blocking out unwanted light and creating a soothing environment, our silk eye mask helps you to get a better quality sleep when you travel so that you can wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to embark on your travel adventures. It really is the perfect gift for travel!

If you want to give an especially luxurious travel gift for him or her, why not treat them to our indulgent Pure Silk Sleep Set, containing both our best-selling silk eye mask and our matching pure silk pillowcase for the best night's sleep.

Silk eye mask for travel The Silk Collection

 The Silk Collection 100% silk eye mask for travel

2. Silk scrunchies for hair care on-the-go: Style meets practicality 

Maintaining your hair while traveling can be a challenge, especially during long flights or in humid climates or during long days of sightseeing. Enter silk scrunchies and silk hair ties; the perfect travel hair accessories for effortlessly tying up your hair while on the go.

Made from 100% mulberry silk, silk scrunchies offer a stylish yet practical solution to keep your hair in place while minimising damage and hair breakage - they are absolute travel essentials for us here at The Silk Collection!

Silk scrunchies are gentle on the hair strands, reducing friction and minimising tangles and knots. Unlike traditional hair ties that can cause hair breakage or leave creases, silk scrunchies allow for a secure hold without sacrificing style or hair health.

Additionally, the smooth surface of silk helps prevent frizz, keeping your hair looking sleek and well-maintained throughout your travels. Embrace the elegance of silk scrunchies and effortlessly elevate your travel look while prioritising your hair health.

At The Silk Collection, our focus is on creating and designing high quality, luxury hair accessories that are also practical and functional. Our silk scrunchies and silk hair ties are made from a strong elastic interior to ensure your hair is held throughout the day as you travel, with a super soft 100% mulberry silk exterior to give your hair all the benefits of using silk.

Our silk scrunchies are very versatile and come in a range of sizes to suit your travel needs:

  • Statement Silk Scrunchie: Our large, oversized scrunchie to add a statement to your outfits on holiday
  • Classic Silk Scrunchie: Our medium sized hair scrunchie is perfect for everyday use on the move
  • Silk Hair Ties (mini silk scrunchies): our silk hair ties are the ultimate practical way to tie your hair as you travel

As you can see, silk scrunchies make great travel gifts for her by providing functionality combined with natural haircare throughout their travels.

Silk scrunchies for hair
100% silk scrunchie for healthy hair on the go

3. Silk pillowcase for travel: Add a touch of luxury wherever you sleep

Travelling and flying can be exhausting, so once you reach your destination it is essential to ensure you achieve a good night's sleep during your trip to maintain your energy and overall well-being. A 100% mulberry silk pillowcase for travel is the ultimate luxury travel accessory that brings the comfort of home to any destination. Silk pillowcases are easy to pack into your suitcase or hand-luggage as it takes up minimal space, however it offers a range of benefits every night as you sleep, making them the best travel gifts for him or her.

Crafted from the highest grade, 100% mulberry silk, our silk pillowcases offer a sumptuously soft and smooth surface for you to rest your head upon. Using a silk pillowcase for travel not only feels luxurious but also provides numerous benefits for your skin and hair. The gentle and hypoallergenic properties of mulberry silk help reduce friction and minimise irritation, making it ideal for sensitive skin types. In addition, mulberry silk's moisture-wicking abilities regulate hydration levels, preventing dryness and promoting a healthy complexion.

A mulberry silk pillowcase is especially useful when travelling to hot destinations, as mulberry silk is naturally thermo-regulating which means it helps to keep your skin cool during the night as you sleep. 

By making the investment in a silk pillowcase for travel, you can create a luxurious and comfortable sleeping environment wherever you go to sleep, ensuring that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to seize the day.

Silk pillowcase for travel

Summary - the best luxury travel accessories made from 100% silk

Traveling in style and comfort is easy to achieve with our top picks of luxury silk travel accessories. From a silk eye mask for restful sleep to silk scrunchies for hassle-free hair styling and a silk pillowcase for a touch of luxury wherever you rest, these luxury travel accessories provide both functionality and comfort to make the perfect luxury travel gifts for him or her.