How to use a silk heatless hair curler: Your step-by-step guide to heat-free curls

How to use a silk heatless hair curler: Your step-by-step guide to heat-free curls

2024 is the year for heatless curls - goodbye heat damage!

Achieving defined and luxurious curls doesn't need to involve hair damage and 2024 is the year to focus on healthy hair styling techniques such as using silk scrunchies and silk heatless curlers!

Silk heatless hair curlers are the latest haircare trend as a great alternative to traditional heat styling tools for achieving beautiful curls without causing heat damage, whilst the natural properties of mulberry silk help to reduce frizz and prevent hair breakage.

Silk heatless hair curler | Overnight heatless curls

Achieve any style of curl with The Silk Collection silk heatless hair curler. Get yours here. 

Why use a 100% silk heatless hair curler?

Using a silk heatless hair curler is not only better for your hair compared to traditional heated curlers, but it also offers a great time-saving for hair curling, as the process takes under 5 minutes and can be left in overnight so that you wake up with effortless overnight curls!

Our heatless curlers  are made from the highest-grade 100% mulberry silk fabric, which is not only one of the most luxurious fabrics in the world, but also offers a wide range of benefits for your hair, skin and quality of sleep. Find out more about why our customers are loving our silk heatless curlers here!

Our top tips on how to use silk heatless hair curlers

If you have just received your silk heatless curls gift set and you are not too sure how to make the most of them, or you are thinking about investing in one but not sure how to use them, keep on reading for our top tips on how to use them to style your hair into anything from soft waves to beautiful, bouncy curls!

Here is The Silk Collection step-by-step guide on how to use our silk heatless hair curler to achieve beautiful waves and curls without hair damage. At the end there is also a short video tutorial to show you exactly how to do these steps! 

"I got the heat free curlers for myself and my daughter and they’re amazing! They are so comfortable to sleep in and the curls are out of this world." Customer review of The Silk Collection Silk Heatless Hair Curler

How to use a heatless curler - your step-by step guide

Once you get comfortable with the below process, it should take you only 5 minutes to do this each time! Trust us, it will become your new go-to for effortless hairstyling!

1. Start with clean, 90% dry hair

Before using your no heat hair curler, make sure your hair is clean and almost dry. Wet or very damp hair will not hold curls well and hair is very delicate when wet, so we recommend waiting until it is almost dry. Having hair almost dry rather than completely dry will mean that there is still some elasticity to hold the curls well.

2. Divide hair and place heatless curler over head

Divide your hair using a middle parting so that you have hair in two equal sections. Place the silk curling ribbon over your head so that you have an even amount of ribbon hanging on either side of your face. You will use this heatless curling ribbon to curl each section of hair around in the next step.

Note: at this stage, you may wish to use a small clip to keep the curling rod in place whilst you wrap the hair around. 

3. Wrap hair around the heatless curler

First, take a small section of hair from the front of your face and wrap it once around the silk heatless curling ribbon, wrapping away from the face. When you go to wrap a second time, take another small section of hair together with the first strand and wrap them together. With each wrap, continue this process until all hair on that side of your head has been wrapped around the silk heatless curler.

TOP TIP: for tighter curls, use smaller strands of hair each time. For larger waves, use larger sections of hair. Experiment over time with different styles and amounts of hair to get to your preferred style. Make sure that with whatever size strand you are using, you wrap this tightly around the silk curling ribbon as this will help the curls form more effectively.

How to get best heatless curls - The Silk Collection guide

Pictured: Wrap the first strand of hair around the curler, with each wrap incorporating another strand until all hair is wrapped around.


"Was so pleased with this set which I bought for my 18 year old daughter, who up until now has been overnight curling using a dressing gown tie! She was really pleased with the results after leaving in overnight and even without any spray the curls stayed in her long thick hair all day. This was beautifully presented in a blue box - perfect for gifting and wraps well." Verified customer review


4. Secure the silk heatless hair curler with a silk scrunchie (included in our Heatless Curls Kit)

Once you have wrapped all hair on one side of the head around the curling ribbon, secure it in place with a scrunchie.

TOP TIP: Always make sure to use a silk scrunchie or silk hair tie to keep the curler securely in place, as silk hair scrunchies are soft and gentle on the hair to prevent hair breakage and tugging. This is especially important when using the silk heatless curler as your hair is still slightly damp, and so it is more delicate and prone to breakage compared to 100% dry hair.

5. Repeat on the other side

Repeat steps 3 and 4 with the other half of your hair on the other side.

6. Leave the heatless curler in overnight or for at least 2 hours

For best results, leave your silk heatless hair curler in overnight for at least 7 hours as this will help to ensure your curls hold for longer. Our silk heatless hair curler has been designed to have a flatter shape to make this more comfortable for sleeping. You can also clip the two ends of the silk curling ribbon at the top of your head to keep it away from your face as you sleep overnight.

TOP TIP: We recommend using our best-selling Silk Hair Wrap to keep hair in place overnight as you sleep. This helps to protect hair, reduce breakage and minimises frizz so that you wake up with the shiniest waves!

TOP TIPWe also recommend sleeping on a mulberry silk pillowcase to reduce friction against hair as you sleep. Mulberry silk pillowcases will reduce frizz in the hair overnight and is also soft and gentle on your hair to help prevent hair breakage. 

TOP TIP: In a rush? If you are in a rush, you can achieve similar results by leaving in for a couple of hours on 70-80% dry hair, although you may find the curls do not hold as long as the overnight method. The amount of time that the curls hold will vary depending on hair type so it is worth testing this on your hair over different time periods to see the best results for your hair type.

7. Remove silk curling ribbon

After leaving the silk heatless hair curler ribbon for the desired amount of time, remove the silk scrunchies and gently unwind the curling ribbon from your hair. Try not to disturb the curls while you are removing the curler.

Heatless curls set - how to use
Pictured: Gently remove curling ribbon from hair to reveal heat free curls

8. Style your overnight heatless curls as desired

Once you have removed the silk curling ribbon, use your fingers (not a brush as this tends to cause frizz and brushes out your curls!) to gently comb through your curls to get to the desired amount of wave or curls. If you are looking for looser waves, use a wide tooth comb to gently brush out the curls to form bouncy waves. 

TOP TIP: Use a light hold hairspray or hair oil to help set the curls. Do not use too much product as this can weigh down the hair which will cause the curls to drop faster.

Best silk heatless curls styling The Silk Collection
Pictured: Heatless hair curls using The Silk Collection Silk Heatless Hair Curler Set

Are you ready to try silk heatless hair curlers?

The Silk Collection Silk Hair Curler Gift Set is the perfect set to help you achieve effortless, heat-free curls. Made from 100% mulberry silk, this heat free curler has a number of benefits to help you achieve the best heatless curls overnight:

  • Unique flat design: our silk heatless curler has a unique flat design compared to other heatless hair curlers, which means that it is more comfortable against your head for overnight curls
  • 100% mulberry silk: our silk heatless hair curler is made from 100% natural material which comes with a number of extra benefits for hair, including prevention of hair breakage and tangling, and reduced frizz
  • Silk scrunchies included: Our Silk Heatless Curls Gift Set contains 2 of our best-selling classic silk scrunchies (worth £20!) which can be used throughout the day and night for natural hair care. Find out the benefits of using silk scrunchies for hair here.
  • Gift box included: Our heat free curler comes inside our signature luxury gift box to make the perfect gift.



In summary, our silk heatless hair curler is a great option for achieving beautiful heat-free overnight curls. Using a heat-free hair curler is an easy way to style your hair without causing long-term damage.

By following our heatless curler guide above, you can use a silk heatless hair curler to achieve beautiful, bouncy curls and the whole process takes under 5 minutes once you get used to it!

Check out our customer heatless curls results and reviews here.


How to use a silk heatless curler - Video Tutorial

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