Interior styling tips: 5 ways to refresh your home on a budget

Interior styling tips: 5 ways to refresh your home on a budget


The new year is a great time to refresh your home and get it ready for the new season. Here, Nicola Wilson from Denby shares her top tips for updating your interior space while taking price and ease into consideration. 

The new year is always a good time to give your home a bit of a spruce up and to start a clean slate after the Christmas period. As the seasons begin to change, you will often want to bring in some new aesthetics to your décor to suit the time of year. Whatever your reason for freshening up your property for the new year, you’ll want to choose timeless pieces that will last so you don’t have to keep re-purchasing them.

Whether you want to rearrange your living room or add a pop of colour with a new throw, we’ve got lots of tips for you.

Thrifting and upcycling

Whatever your style, you can find plenty of items to add into your home through thrifting. Or, you could try upcycling items that are losing their lustre. It’s surprising how much a fresh coat of paint and a change of colour scheme can brighten up an old piece of furniture! You can also take the time to find beautiful vintage furniture pieces at accessible prices through thrifting, especially if you are prepared to take some time renovating or refreshing them.

If you have old wicker furniture for example, it can be spruced up easily by painting it a pastel shade for added brightness. Try pastel blues, lilacs and greens to update these pieces. In addition, a luscious dark hue can revitalise a preloved wooden piece. So, try adding some thrifted and upcycled furniture into your home and enjoy the uniqueness and character that they can bring.

Try new colour schemes

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut using the same colour schemes throughout the year. Changing up the colour palettes that you use in your home can refresh your interior and can signal the coming change of seasons too. If you’ve been utilising lots of earthy tones throughout winter, now might be the time to start including brighter tones.  

You can do this with soft furnishings such as throws and cushion covers, as well as smaller items such as ceramics. Use a stunning bowl in a vibrant blue or green as a storage piece in your hallway or on your dining table or introduce a statement jug for style and interest. Having brighter colours in your living and kitchen spaces can also make things feel fresher. 

Rearrange your furniture

One hack that doesn’t cost anything at all is to rearrange your furniture to change the look of a room. This can make a surprising difference when sprucing up a space, and it can add a completely different feel to a familiar room. The new year can be a good time to rethink how your space is set up furniture-wise, especially as many of us move things around to accommodate extra people and guests during the holiday period.

When rearranging  items, position the largest piece of furniture first, as this will anchor the rest of the room and create a focal point. Don’t be tempted to position all the furniture pieces against the walls — this can sometimes make your space seem smaller. Get creative with your furniture placement and don’t be afraid to bring items into the middle of the room for a more inviting look and feel.

Refresh your textiles

Revitalise your space with textiles, whether that be changing your bedding or adding a new rug to your living room. Adding some textured and luxurious materials can be a great place to start. For instance, silk pillowcases can bring a sense of luxurious calm to your bedding, and are great for your hair and skin too.

Adding rugs and throws throughout your living spaces can help to bring pops of colour and create a cosy feel. Even your towels can be revitalised, so take the time to go through your textiles and add some extra touches to your décor.

The start of January is the perfect time to revitalise your home décor and introduce some new, brighter additions as we look towards spring. Use these ideas to get you started and enjoy giving the spaces in your home a refresh, whether that’s with some new bedding or a different furniture arrangement.