Silk hair wrap for sleeping - benefits of silk turban

Silk Hair Wrap Benefits: Why Use a Silk Hair Wrap for Sleeping?

Do you often find yourself struggling with bedhead, split ends, or hair breakage? The solution could be as simple as switching to a Silk Hair Wrap for sleeping. 

Introducing the Silk Hair Wrap 

We are so excited to be launching the latest product in our collection, our 100% Silk Hair Wrap, which is the latest addition to our Silk Haircare Collection to promote healthier, happier hair!

The majority of us still sleep on a cotton pillowcase each night, and as cotton is a more abrasive fabric than silk, this means that it tends to cause more friction against hair, leading to increased hair breakage and tangling. A silk pillowcase therefore is a popular choice amongst haircare experts to help reduce friction against hair, resulting in less hair breakage and split ends.

Whilst the silk pillowcase for hair trend has grown rapidly in popularity over the past few years, along with the use of silk scrunchies, silk hair ties and silk heatless curlers, the silk hair wrap is a lesser well known but equally effective way to look after your hair naturally as you sleep each night.

If you haven't yet invested in a silk pillowcase, but you want a way to protect your hair overnight from tangling, breakage and frizz, then a silk hair wrap for sleeping is an easy way to look after your hair as you sleep!

Here you will find out everything you need to know about our brand new Silk Hair Wrap for sleeping. We discuss the many benefits of a silk hair wrap for hair and answer your commonly asked questions about using a silk hair wrap for sleeping.

Silk turban for hair | 100% Silk Hair Wrap

The tradition of Silk Hair Wraps for Sleeping

The tradition of using a Silk Hair Wrap for sleeping spans multiple cultures and has a rich history of providing a range of benefits for hair. In many African and Afro-Caribbean cultures, silk hair wraps, often referred to as "head wraps" or "head ties", have traditionally been used to protect curly hair from damage and breakage overnight. More recently, the Silk Hair Wrap has gained increasing popularity across all cultures as a tool for protecting hair overnight from frizz and damage.

What is a Silk Hair Wrap?

A Silk Hair Wrap, also referred to as a Silk Bonnet or Silk Hair Turban, is a protective headpiece made from pure silk, designed specifically to cover and protect your hair. A Silk Hair Wrap is usually worn at night as you sleep to prevent hair breakage and frizz overnight by creating a protective barrier around your hair at night.

Our brand new Silk Hair Wrap is made from the highest grade, 100% mulberry silk, which has been well known to provide a range of benefits for hair. At The Silk Collection, we use a luxury thickness of 22 momme silk, which means that our double-sided silk hair turban is extra smooth and gentle on your hair as you sleep. 

Silk vs. satin hair wrap - why use a 100% silk hair wrap?

TOP TIP: The best silk hair wraps are made from 100% silk as these will offer a range of benefits that only natural silk can offer. Make sure to check before purchasing a silk turban or silk hair wrap to ensure that it is made from real silk and also that it is double-sided, so that the inside layer touching your hair is 100% silk.

Silk bonnet for hair | Silk turban

What are Silk Hair Wrap benefits?

We've had many requests to release a silk hair wrap, otherwise also known as a silk bonnet or a silk turban for hair, due to the range of benefits that silk hair wraps offer for your hair overnight. 

Silk hair wrap benefits include:

  1. Protection Against Breakage: Silk’s smooth texture reduces friction against hair, preventing hair tangling and breakage. This also helps to promote hair growth over time as hair isn't being damaged by abrasive fabrics (i.e. your pillowcase!).
  2. Moisture Retention: Unlike cotton or other fabrics, silk doesn't strip your hair of its natural oils. Silk is made from natural fibres and naturally retains more moisture compared to other fabrics like cotton, which helps to keep your hair healthy and hydrated overnight.
  3. Reduction of Frizz: Less friction means reduced chances of waking up with frizzy hair - a big bonus especially if you are using a silk hair wrap for curly hair.
  4. Temperature Regulation: Silk naturally regulates temperature, ensuring your scalp isn't too hot or too cold.
  5. Reduce the number of hair products needed: By incorporating a natural haircare tool to reduce frizz and improve hair health, you can reduce the number of other products you are using to keep your hair healthy!

REMEMBER: Make sure your Silk Hair Wrap is made from 100% real silk! The best silk hair wraps are made from real silk, as silk fabric is a natural, breathable fabric which is very important to reap the benefits above and improve hair health over time. Using synthetic fabrics rather than pure silk will not provide the same benefits for your hair each night.

Silk Hair Wrap for Curly Hair

For those with curly hair, silk turbans can be especially beneficial in defining and retaining your curls, which also helps to prolong the life of your curls. This can also mean you need to do less hair washes over time too.

Curly hair also tends to be prone to increased dryness, which creates a higher likelihood of tangles and resulting hair breakage, so using a silk bonnet for curly hair is an essential tool in your natural curly hair routine to help retain moisture, reduce frizz and reduce hair breakage overnight.

How to wear a Silk Hair Wrap

Wearing a silk hair wrap is simple and can be tailored to your hair type and length:

  1. Prepare Your Hair: Depending on your preference, you can either have your hair loose or put it in a loose braid or ponytail. This helps to prevent tangles and makes it easier to fit under the wrap.

  2. Position the Hair Wrap: Our Silk Hair Wrap is adjustable to fit all hair types and sizes. Place the wrap at the back of your head, ensuring the front edge is just above your forehead. The Silk Hair Wrap should fit snugly but comfortably around your head.

  3. Tuck in Your Hair: Gradually tuck all your hair inside the silk turban, adjusting as you go to make sure all your hair is covered. Ensure the wrap covers all your hair and sits comfortably on your head. 

  4. Removal: In the morning or when you choose to take it off, gently remove the silk bonnet, starting from the front and pulling it backward.

How to wash your Silk Hair Wrap

Our Silk Hair Wrap is made from 100% pure mulberry silk fabric, which is a very delicate fabric and so needs to be treated with care. Similarly to our other 100% silk products, we recommend gently hand-washing your silk hair wrap regularly with gentle silk-friendly detergent and at a cool temperature. 

Is a Silk Hair Wrap a good gift?

Yes! A Silk Hair Wrap is the perfect gift for any haircare lover as it is a lesser known but easy and effective way to keep their hair healthy naturally overnight. Our Silk Wrap is hand-packaged into our signature The Silk Collection gift box, making it gift-ready for loved ones.

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Summary: Are you ready to use a Silk Hair Wrap for sleeping?

Using a silk hair wrap overnight is an easy, natural and effective way to protect and pamper your hair. With regular use of a silk bonnet, you'll likely notice improved hair health, reduced breakage, and a more manageable mane.