5 Luxury Engagement Gifts for the Bride to Be

5 Luxury Engagement Gifts for the Bride to Be


100% silk dressing gown | Pure silk robe for Brides

Spring is almost here which means that wedding season is fast approaching! If you have a bride-to-be in your life, you're likely searching for the perfect engagement gift or wedding gift to make her special day even more memorable. However, with with so many options out there, it can be challenging to find a luxury engagement gift that is both unique and meaningful.

We created The Bridal Collection here at The Silk Collection to have one place where you can shop 100% silk gifts that will make the perfect present for a Bride to Be, ranging from little luxuries to indulgent gifts to last a lifetime. The Bridal Collection contains a special selection of our 100% mulberry silk pieces and best-selling silk gift boxes to make the perfect luxury engagement gift, Bridal Shower gift, or wedding gift for the Bride to Be. You can also create a completely unique custom silk gift box by creating your own gift box containing your own selection of our silk gifts.

Our founder, Anya, created The Bridal Collection whilst she was engaged herself as she wanted to create a unique Bridal gift box containing beautiful silk accessories that would help with skincare, haircare and sleep in the lead up to her big day. She also struggled to find high quality, luxury Bridesmaid gifts that would be timeless and meaningful for her bridesmaids, which led her to build out the collection further to contain Bridesmaid gifts.

"When looking for Bridesmaid gifts for my Bridal party, I really struggled to find high-quality, luxury gift boxes containing gifts that my bridesmaids could keep forever. I decided to create my own Bridal Collection here at The Silk Collection and designed a number of pieces that I knew my bridesmaids would love, including our luxurious 100% Pure Silk Robe that we could all wear on the morning of my wedding day!"

Choosing the perfect engagement gift or wedding gift can be difficult, so here we have selected our top picks for unique wedding gifts for the Bride to Be, along with ideas for Bridesmaid gifts and Mother of the Bride gifts.

1. The Bride to Be Gift Set - £85

This special edition Bridal gift set, as featured in the Sheerluxe Wedding Edit, is the ultimate luxury gift for the Bride to Be. Containing a specially selected collection of 100% mulberry silk accessories, this silk gift set will help the Bride to Be to get that all important beauty sleep in the lead up to their wedding day. 

This silk gift box contains The Silk Collection best-selling 100% mulberry silk pillowcase, 100% silk eye mask and a selection of 100% silk scrunchies to give the ultimate beauty sleep in the lead up to their big day. 

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase has a range of benefits for your hair, skin and the quality of your sleep, so it makes the perfect luxury treat for any Bride to Be and is the gift that keeps on giving every night!

Bride to Be Gift Box UK - The Silk Collection

2. The Pure Silk Robe - £150

Is there anything more indulgent than a pure silk robe? Our 100% silk dressing gown is the ultimate luxury for a Bride to Be to wear on the morning of her wedding day, and it will also photograph amazingly in the getting ready wedding photos! The best part is that you can get matching silk robes for bridesmaids.

Not only is it a luxurious and elegant piece of clothing, but it is also functional and practical. Silk is a natural and breathable fabric, making it perfect for a warm summer wedding day to keep the Bride cool and comfortable throughout the wedding morning. 

The best part about gifting a high quality and stylish 100% silk robe is that the bride can then use it for years to come. Our brides who have been gifted our pure silk robe have gone on to use this for their honeymoon and also for everyday wear to add a touch of luxury to their daily routine. 

bridal silk gown

3. The Mixed Silk Scrunchie Gift Set - Pearl White - £35

Keeping hair healthy in the lead up to your wedding day is an absolute must and this can take a lot of time and effort with intensive haircare routines and products. An easy and low-effort way to keep hair healthy in the months leading up to your wedding day is to consistently use silk scrunchies and silk hair ties instead of regular hair ties.

Silk scrunchies are an essential Bridal hair accessory in the lead up to their big day! Switching to silk hair ties has a range of benefits for the hair, as silk's soft texture makes it gentle on the hair to help prevent tugging and hair breakage. Silk also helps to reduce frizz and keep hair kink-free during prolonged periods.

This gift set contains The Silk Collection signature Statement Silk Scrunchie, which is an oversized, large silk scrunchie, together with four mini silk scrunchies to help the Bride keep hair healthy in the lead up to their wedding day. 

Large & Small Silk Scrunchies - White - The Silk Collection

4. Luxe Bridal Silk Scrunchie with Bow - £20

Looking for a classic and timeless Bridal hair accessory to wear during engagement and wedding events? This luxury silk scrunchie adds a statement look to any Bride's outfit with a tie-it-yourself bow attached to our classic silk scrunchie. The multi-way scrunchie can be tied into a bow, or simply left with loose ties to add a classic Bridal look to any outfit. This is the perfect Bridal hair accessory to wear for a hen do, wedding dress appointments and any Bridal celebrations!

Made from the highest quality 100% mulberry silk with a luxury thickness of 22 momme, this Bridal hair accessory makes the perfect Bride to Be gift to add a touch of luxury to their outfits, whilst also keeping hair healthy. 

Bridal silk bow hair accessory

5. The Pure Silk Headband - £25

Our 100% silk headband is a timeless and classic look to elevate your outfits during wedding events. Made from super soft 100% mulberry silk, this luxury headpiece will not only look stylish but also helps to keep hair healthy by preventing hair breakage and tugging. 

Our pure silk headband helps to keep flyaways away from your face throughout the day, which means you can use it as part of your daily skincare routine, during yoga and other forms of light exercise, or simply throughout the day as you are working to keep hair away from your face.

Pair with our 100% silk robe on the morning of your wedding day for the ultimate luxe getting ready look! 

100% silk headband UK

In summary, our collection of 100% silk pieces make the perfect engagement gifts to give the Bride to Be something unique and timeless to use both in the lead up to their wedding day and beyond.

Mix and match our best-selling silk gifts to create a unique engagement gift or wedding gift that will last a lifetime.