The benefits of using a silk scrunchie for your hair

The benefits of using a silk scrunchie for your hair


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Why are silk scrunchies better for your hair? Do silk hair ties really improve hair health? Here we explain the key benefits of using pure a silk scrunchie for hair.


At The Silk Collection, our aim is to share the wide-ranging benefits that mulberry silk offers for your hair health, skin and the quality of your sleep. A key beauty trend over the past few years has been switching to a mulberry silk pillowcase  for hair and skin due to mulberry silk fabric's natural properties which help to reduce friction against your skin and hair, whilst also keeping your skin and hair hydrated. 

More recently, the switch from traditional hair ties to silk hair ties and silk scrunchies has quickly increased in popularity as a natural haircare tool to use throughout the day and night. Using a mulberry silk hair scrunchie combined with a mulberry silk pillowcase is the ultimate natural haircare tool for healthy hair.

One of the most common questions we tend to get from customers who are new to using mulberry silk accessories is 'why are silk scrunchies good for hair?' and 'how do silk hair ties keep your hair healthy?' so we thought we would outline the silk scrunchie benefits here to explain the range of benefits they offer.

Silk scrunchie benefits

1. A silk scrunchie prevents hair damage

For those asking why silk scrunchies are good for your hair, using a mulberry silk scrunchie and silk hair ties help to prevent hair damage due to the natural properties of mulberry silk fabric. Mulberry silk has a super soft and gentle texture, which reduces friction against your hair. This means that using a mulberry silk scrunchie helps to prevent tangles in your hair compared to using traditional cotton hair ties, which tend to pull and tug on your hair, causing hair breakage and split ends over time.

Silk hair scrunchies are especially important for curly hair, as this hair type can often be more fragile and break more easily, so switching to silk hair ties will help to prevent pulling on this delicate hair type.


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2. Silk scrunchies keep hair hydrated

Mulberry silk fabric is naturally hydrating as on average mulberry silk tends to absorb 30% less moisture compared to cotton. This means that using mulberry silk scrunchies will help to keep your hair hydrated and healthy over time by helping your hair to retain moisture. It is especially important to use a silk scrunchie for curly hair as this hair type is typically more dry.

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3. Silk scrunchies reduce frizz

Mulberry silk scrunchies are super soft and smooth, which means they glide against your hair and create less friction against your hair compared to regular cotton hair ties, which also helps to reduce frizz throughout the day.

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4. Silk scrunchies for kink-free hair

Silk scrunchies are not only good for your hair, but they also help to prevent creases and kinks in your hair during prolonged use due to mulberry silk's super soft texture. This makes silk hair ties perfect to use throughout the day and night.

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5. Strong hold for all occasions

At the Silk Collection, we know how important it is for your silk hair scrunchies to be practical and functional as well as beautiful. That is why we have designed our silk hair ties to have a strong elastic interior to help keep your hair in place throughout the day, whilst also having a super soft silk exterior to prevent hair breakage. This means that our silk scrunchies have the perfect combination to help keep hair held up and healthy.

Whether you are going to the gym, out for lunch or want a statement look to accompany your outfit for an evening out, our silk scrunchies are available in different sizes to suit all occasions!

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6. Support slow fashion with silk scrunchies

At The Silk Collection we believe in investing in high quality, natural pieces that are designed to last. We use the highest grade 100% mulberry silk with a luxury thickness of 22 momme to create our silk scrunchies, which means that the silk we use is of the highest quality and made to last. Using high quality, natural material like mulberry silk for hair ties means that your hair ties will last longer and are a more sustainable, eco-friendly option compared to traditional hair ties.

At The Silk Collection our silk is OEKO-TEK® certified, which means that our mulberry silk fabric has been tested and is guaranteed to be free from any harmful chemicals and toxic dyes that would harm the environment. This ensures that The Silk Collection silk scrunchies are safe and environmentally-friendly.

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