Sleep tips: Get better sleep in 2021

We tend to undervalue how essential a good night’s sleep is. Sleep is a crucial, but often neglected, component of our overall physical and mental wellbeing. Sleep has been shown to have a stronger association with your wellbeing than almost anything else, however it is estimated that around 30% of us experience sleep problems.

During these uncertain times it can be difficult to get good quality sleep. Here are some of our practical tips for iimproving your sleep hygiene in 2021.

Create your sleep sanctuary

Make sure your bedroom is comfortable for you and try to create a relaxed bedroom environment - this can be small changes like tidying up your room, dimming the lights before you go to sleep and keeping your room at a cool temperature (most people sleep best at 16-18 degrees). 

Reduce exposure to light

One of the most common reasons for sleeping troubles is sensitivity to light. Light can severely disrupt sleep for many of us so it is best to minimise exposure to light whilst you sleep.

Our secret to a good night's sleep is using our pure silk eye mask, which helps to block out the light and lets you enjoy an undisturbed sleep. Using a silk eye mask is gentle on your skin and provides ultimate comfort as you go to sleep.

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Daily exercise

Studies show that even light exercise each day can help to improve sleep quality, so incorporating at least half an hour of exercise into your daily routine can really help to improve your sleep quality at night.

Use a silk pillowcase

Using a silk pillowcase is an everyday essential of our bedtime routine! Silk pillowcases are naturally heat-regulating, gentle on your skin and hair, and hypoallergenic, making them perfect for all skin types. They provide the ultimate luxury comfort as you drift to sleep whilst also giving a range of beauty benefits!

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Bedtime routine

Try to create a consistent routine of when you go to bed and wake up (even at weekends!). A daily routine is important to keep your body clock in sync.

Introduce a relaxing pre-sleep routine

In the time leading up to when you go to sleep, try to prepare your body for sleep. This can be by running a warm bath, putting away your phone or laptop at least an hour before sleeping, or simply having a cup of hot tea (without caffeine!). 

Other techniques we love include practicing mindfulness and journalling at the end of the day to clear thoughts from your mind before you sleep.


High-quality sleep is an essential part of our overall physical and mental wellbeing and it should be treated as a priority in 2021.

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