The Best Valentines Gifts for Her and Him

The best silk gifts this Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching, which means it's that time of year (again!) to find the perfect romantic gifts for your loved one. Every year seems to get harder when looking for a unique Valentine's gift which is both guaranteed to impress and show them how much you care, so here are some ideas to help you with finding the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for her and him!

We have put together our top picks for unique silk gifts for her, him and for the couple to take the stress away from planning the perfect Valentine's gift. From luxury silk gift sets for better sleep to trending silk hair accessories, here are our top picks for unique and thoughtful silk gifts this Valentine's.

Every order from The Silk Collection has the option to add a complimentary hand-written gift card with your personal message and presented in our signature luxury gift box to make the perfect thoughtful gift.

Why silk gifts?

Mulberry silk is well known to be one of the world's most luxurious, timeless and elegant fabrics. Silk pillowcases and accessories have also been shown to have a wide range of benefits for your skin, hair and the quality of your sleep. Here are just some of the benefits of using a silk pillowcase and silk accessories:

- Silk helps to keep your skin hydrated and moisturised overnight

- Silk reduces creases forming on your face overnight for smoother skin

- Silk prevents tugging and pulling on your hair overnight, which reduces frizz and prevents hair breakage

- Silk is naturally thermo-regulating, which means it helps to keep your skin cool throughout the night to promote a better night's sleep

- Silk is hypoallergenic so is suitable to all skin types, including sensitive skin

- Silk provides the ultimate luxury sleep experience so that you can get the hotel experience at home!

In summary, our silk pillowcases and silk accessories add a touch of luxury to your daily routine, and have been created to elevate the everyday moments in your life. Giving a silk gift to loved ones is not only a thoughtful gift, but also a gift that keeps on giving each night!

Here are our top Valentine's Gifts for her and him this year!

Silk gifts for her

The ultimate luxury gift for her: The Pure Silk Robe

silk robe uk

Made from 100% mulberry silk of the highest grade and a luxury thickness of 22 momme, this luxury mulberry silk dressing gown takes luxury loungewear to a new level! This luxury silk robe will give her the ultimate indulgent experience every evening and adds a touch of luxury to her everyday sleep routine. 

The ultimate skincare gift for her: The Pure Silk Pillowcase

100% mulberry silk pillowcases UK

A 100% silk pillowcase is another top pick for gifting this Valentine's. Not only is it a great way to help her get a better night's sleep, but she will also enjoy the wide range of benefits of silk for hair and skin.

The best silk gifts for hair: Silk Scrunchie Gift Sets


Medium silk scrunchie set UK

Our silk scrunchie gift sets make the perfect luxury gift for haircare lovers. Silk scrunchies are the perfect addition to your daily haircare routine and help to keep hair healthy by reducing hair breakage and frizz. 

Our collection of luxury silk scrunchie gift sets has a range of sizes of hair scrunchies from our largest Statement Silk Scrunchie Sets to our Mixed Silk Scrunchie Gift Set containing a combination of large and skinny silk scrunchies, so there is a silk scrunchie set for everyone in our collection! 


The best silk gifts for overnight haircare: Silk Hair Wrap

Hair Wrap for Sleep

Our Silk Hair Wrap is the ultimate luxury addition to your nightly haircare routine! A Silk Hair Wrap (also known as a 'Silk Turban' or 'Silk Sleep Cap') cushions and protects hair overnight as you sleep to prevent hair breakage during the night. Made from 100% mulberry silk, our hair wrap is soft and gentle against hair to prevent damage and reduce frizz, so that you wake up with shiny, glossy and healthy hair!


Silk gifts for him

The best travel gift for him: The Pure Silk Eye Mask


100% silk eye masks | Sleep mask for him


If you are looking for a luxury gift for someone who regularly travels, our silk eye mask gift box will make the perfect gift for a more restful and uninterrupted sleep. Made from the highest grade 100% mulberry silk and filled with a 100% silk filling to make it lightly padded, our mulberry silk sleep mask provides ultimate comfort as you drift to sleep and is our best-selling gift for him.

The best sleep gift for him: The Pure Silk Sleep Set

silk gifts for Valentines Day


Our best-selling gift set containing our 100% mulberry silk pillowcase and matching silk eye mask is another one of our top Valentine's gifts for him. Not only is it a great way to help him get a better night's sleep, but he will also enjoy the wide range of benefits of silk for hair and skin.

Silk gifts for the couple

The best home gift for them: The Pure Silk Pillowcase Pair


Valentines Gifts


Why not get a set of mulberry silk pillowcases for both of you? Our 100% silk pillowcase pair is the perfect gift for a couple so that you can both enjoy better quality sleep and enjoy the wide range of benefits for skin and hair. Not to mention, they will elevate your bedroom decor!

Our mulberry silk pillowcase pair is hand-packaged into our signature The Silk Collection gift box to make it ready to gift.

In summary, there is a gift for everyone in our collection of silk accessories. Plus - don't forget the most important gift - to yourself! Browse the collection below to find your favourites: