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The silk headband: your 2023 must-have hair accessory

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Have you tried a silk headband before? Here is all you need to know about our collection of silk headbands.

We think a 100% silk headband is one of the most under-rated silk hair accessories. They are not only practical to help keep hair off your face throughout the day, but we have designed our pure silk headband to be minimalist, elegant and timeless so that it is versatile for all occasions.

Our pure silk headband has been designed with ultimate comfort in mind and is versatile to suit any occasion - whether you are out shopping, out for drinks, doing a yoga class, or simply at home doing your daily skincare routine, our silk headband is elegant, practical and stylish to add a little bit of everyday luxury to your daily routine.

Here's why our pure silk headband will be your go-to luxury hair accessory!

The silk headband: your 2023 must-have hair accessory

Natural haircare

Our silk headbands are made from 100% mulberry silk of the highest grade, with a luxury thickness of 22 momme. In a similar to way to the benefits of silk scrunchies, mulberry silk is a 100% natural fabric which is soft and gentle against your hair to prevent any tugging or pulling on the hair. Silk has less friction than other materials such as cotton, which means that our pure silk headband will glide smoothly against your hair to prevent split ends or frizz. Wearing a silk headband throughout the day is an easy way to keep your hair healthy and hydrated compared to other hair accessories that can be harsh against your delicate hair.

If you have wavy or curly hair, our silk headband is perfect for curly hair to reduce frizz, help to protect your curls overnight and keep curls intact. You can use our pure silk headband for sleeping to keep hair away from your face as you sleep overnight.

Ultimate comfort

We have designed our silk headbands with ultimate comfort in mind - we wanted these to be so comfortable that you forget you are wearing it! Crafted from 100% mulberry silk fabric, this luxury hair accessory is soft and gentle on your hair and the soft elasticated band makes it comfortable for all day use. 

Effortless style

We have designed our silk headbands to be minimalist, elegant and timeless so that it is versatile for all occasions. Available in four timeless colours, our silk headband can be worn throughout the day and into the evening. 

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The perfect addition to your skincare routine

Elevate your skincare routine by using a pure silk headband to keep those flyaways off your face! Use our silk headband for washing your face - it's the perfect way to keep hair off your face, whilst the ultra-light design prevents harsh pressure on your hair.


As you can see, a silk headband can be used for a range of activities. Here are just a few:

  • Keep hair off your face whilst you work during the day
  • For yoga and light exercise
  • At night to keep you cool by keeping hair away from your face
  • Out for dinner to add a luxury hair accessory to your outfit

Silk headbands are a timeless, elegant hair accessory that also help to look after your hair throughout the day - what's not to love?!

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Hear what our customers are saying about our silk headbands:

"The headband is just perfect. Seriously such a nice design and so comfortable. Such a nice look!"

"Wearing my headband now. I usually steer clear of elasticated ones as they are too tight but this fits just right!!"

"I absolutely adore it, I love it so much and it's so comfy! There's nothing worse than an uncomfortable headband, but I didn't even feel it on!"

"I love it - it's so comfortable and fits really well. It's also perfect for hiding my baby hairs"

"It's my favourite - got so many compliments!"

Silk Headband Hair Accessory

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