4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for him and her

4th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas for him and her

If you are about to celebrate your upcoming 4th wedding anniversary and you are looking for the perfect 4th anniversary gift to mark the occasion, look no further!

Here, we dive deep into the allure of silk for a 4th wedding gift and we share our our tips to find the perfect 4th wedding anniversary gift for your loved one.

4th Wedding Anniversary UK - Traditional Gifts of Silk and Linen

Here we answer one of our most commonly asked questions - "is the 4th wedding anniversary traditional gift linen or silk?"

The answer is - it's both! Whilst linen is commonly known as one of the traditional gifts to give for a 4th anniversary gift in the UK, what is less well known is that silk is also the traditional anniversary gift to mark the 4 year wedding anniversary in the UK. If you ask us (and maybe we are biased!), we think that the luxurious material of pure silk is the best 4th wedding anniversary gift to add a touch of luxury to their everyday!

Therefore, much like the 12th Wedding Anniversary in the UK, the 4th Wedding Anniversary can be celebrated with the luxurious touch of silk. Silk symbolises the intricate journey a couple has taken together over the years, showcasing their adaptability and the enduring luxury of their bond. Essentially, a 4th wedding anniversary gift made of silk is a nod to the enduring love and strength of the couple. 

Why Silk is the Perfect 4th Year Anniversary Gift

Silk is considered the best 4th wedding anniversary gift for several meaningful reasons, aligning beautifully with the symbolism of this stage in a marriage.

Beyond the obvious luxury of silk, this material is also associated with wellness and beauty, which means that by choosing silk as a 4th Anniversary gift, you are giving a gift that keeps on giving over the years of your marriage.

1. Symbolism of Silk for your 4th Wedding Anniversary

Strength and Durability: Silk is one of the strongest natural fibres. This strength is symbolic of the strong bond that the couple has developed over four years of marriage. Despite its delicate appearance, silk's underlying toughness is representative of a relationship that has weathered various challenges and grown stronger.

Luxury and Elegance: Silk is renowned for its luxurious feel and elegant sheen. Silk as a 4th wedding anniversary gift signifies the desire to continue nurturing the beauty and quality of the relationship. It reflects the value you place on bringing luxury, elegance and comfort into your lives together.

In essence, gifting silk on the 4th wedding anniversary is not just about giving a material item but also about symbolising the beautiful, strong, and comfortable relationship the couple has built over four years.

2. Beauty and Wellness Benefits of Silk as a 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift

Giving silk for as a 4th anniversary gift goes beyond just luxury, but it also offers a range of benefits over time:

  • Silk for Skincare: It’s more than just a trend to sleep on a silk pillowcase. Their smooth nature means reduced friction, leading to fewer overnight creases on your skin. Plus, silk retains moisture, ensuring your skin remains hydrated as you rest.



  • Silk for Better Quality Sleep: Silk is soft and gentle on skin as you drift to sleep to provide a comforting sleep experience. The hypoallergenic properties of silk also make it ideal for those with sensitive skin. Its natural thermoregulating properties also make for a comfortable night, regardless of the season.


4th Wedding Anniversary Present Ideas

4th Year Wedding Gift for him - our top pick

A Luxurious Silk Eye Mask

Sleeping Mask

Whether your partner is a light sleeper or a frequent traveler, a silk sleeping mask is the perfect companion. A pure silk sleep mask offers both the luxury of silk and the functionality of ensuring uninterrupted sleep throughout the night. It really is the 4th anniversary wedding gift that keeps on giving!

Here at The Silk Collection, our Pure Silk Eye Mask is our best-selling anniversary gift for him and our top choice of gift for someone who has everything. Hand-packaged into our signature gift box, our silk eye mask is gift-ready and the perfect way to mark your 4th wedding anniversary.


4th Anniversary Wedding Gift for her - our top pick

An Indulgent Silk Robe

Indulge her in luxury with a 100% mulberry silk dressing gown for the ultimate 4th anniversary present. Perfect for those lazy mornings or as an elegant wrap after a bath, a silk robe turns everyday moments into spa experiences at home.

Our Silk Robe has been designed to provide ultimate comfort throughout the day and night. Made from a luxurious, thick 100% mulberry silk, our silk dressing gown is soft and gentle against skin to provide a luxurious experience. 


4th Anniversary Wedding Present for them - our top pick

The 100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Set of Two

Silk pillowcases 4th anniversary gift

Celebrate your 4th wedding anniversary with a gift for both of you! A set of two pure mulberry silk pillowcases will truly transform your everyday bedtime routine and provide you both will ultimate comfort each night.

Silk pillowcases aren't just an addition to your bedroom's aesthetics, but also a gift that promotes good skin, hair health and better quality sleep. Remember, this is not just for her – men, too, can reap the benefits of sleeping on silk.

Here at The Silk Collection, our best-selling silk pillowcases are made from a luxurious thick weight of silk (22 momme count), which means that they feel extra indulgent against your skin as you fall asleep. These come in our beautiful signature gift box, making them the perfect 4th wedding present for him and her.

Create a bespoke and personal 4th Wedding Anniversary Gift

4th wedding anniversary gift

If you are looking to create a special silk gift for your loved one to celebrate your 4 year anniversary, why not create your own bespoke gift box of hand-selected silk gifts?

With our 'Create Your Own Gift Box' option, you can choose your favourite silk gifts from our collection and we will hand-package these into a gift box for you to create a unique and custom 4 Year Wedding Anniversary Gift. We can also add a hand-written gift note into your order free of charge - simply add your gift message in the order notes in your basket and we will add this in for you!

In Conclusion

The 4th wedding anniversary ("the silk anniversary"), marked by silk and linen, is a celebration of the beautiful journey a couple has embarked upon together over the past 4 years. Through silk gifts, you can convey the luxury, resilience, and wellness that your relationship has achieved over the years.

We hope this guide assists you in picking the perfect wedding anniversary gift to delight your loved one on your 4th wedding anniversary. After all, what's better than gifting a luxurious experience that promotes relaxation, wellness, and beauty?

Happy 4th year anniversary gift shopping!