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Wellness tips with Kate Burrows, Founder of KB Personal Training

Wellness tips The Silk Collection x Kate Burrows
At The Silk Collection our mission is to improve your daily self-care and wellbeing routine through our collection of luxury accessories and sharing of practical wellness tips. Today we are thrilled to be speaking to award-winning personal trainer Kate Burrows, founder of KB Personal Training - Female Personal Trainers in London, where we chat about her thoughts on how to achieve overall wellness. We discuss what overall wellness means to Kate, discuss practical tips to improve wellness as part of your daily routine, and there is a special treat for our readers at the end!

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What does overall wellness mean to you?

I think overall wellness is the full package - good nutrition, regular exercise, enough sleep, self-care, checking in with your mental health and ensuring you have a work-life balance.

How should you get started on your wellness journey?

I find the best way to get started is sit somewhere on your own with a notepad and do a bit of reflection.  What is working and what isn't working? If you are starting your wellness journey, here are some initial questions to ask yourself and reflect on:
  • Are you achieving your goals?
  • If you are too busy what could you change, even if it is not possible now what could you do in the next 3-6 months to make it possible?
  • Are you exercising?
  • Are you eating well?
  • Are you getting enough sleep?
  • Are you practising self-care?
  • How's your mental health?
When you have this all written down clearly in front of you it will show you where you could improve. This is always step one.

What do you do to practice overall wellness?

I work really hard on achieving overall wellness.  It makes me feel great when I am on top of everything.  I exercise regularly doing HIIT and strength workouts.  I cycle and have an indoor turbo trainer for when the weather is bad.  I walk and do yoga which are less intense and swim when I can.  I batch cook so I always have healthy meals I can pull from the freezer when I am busy.  I have Huel which is full of nutrients to pop in a smoothie, this is great for a quick breakfast or lunch.  I track my sleep on my fitbit to ensure I am getting enough.  I look after my mental health by listening to podcasts and read books to remind myself to be present and what is important to me.  This is all however a constant working progress.  I have to plan weekly to ensure I get it all in alongside work.  Sometimes things drop off but I am really self aware so I quickly rejig things when I feel something has been slipping.

What is the most common reason for not having balance?

A lot of clients or people in general say they are "too busy" for self-care and exercise, let alone batch cooking. I get it - life is fast-paced.  However, small steps, weekly improvements and consistency is what you are looking for.  No-one goes from zero to hero, however small changes will make a real difference and before you know it you are adding the next one in and then the next one.  

 Any more practical tips for wellness?

Don't try and be superman.  If you need some help ask for it. There are personal trainers, nutritionists, therapists, life coaches, business coaches that can all help.  You can brain storm with your friends. Don't let your cup get empty before you start to make changes.  

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