What are silk heatless curlers and how do they work?

What are silk heatless curlers and how do they work?


Best-selling UK silk heatless curlers


Find out how our best-selling 100% mulberry silk heatless curls gift set will benefit your hair curling routine. If you are looking for effortless overnight curls without causing any damage to your hair, look no further than our silk heatless hair curlers.

Here's all you need to know about our best-selling silk heatless hair curlers. 

What are silk heatless hair curlers?

Our 100% mulberry silk heatless curls gift set offers a natural, hair-friendly alternative to traditional heated curling tongs. By using a silk heatless curler instead of traditional heated curlers, you can create beautiful overnight curls without any heat damage. Mulberry silk is gentle on the hair to help prevent hair breakage and its smooth texture also helps to reduce frizz.

How do silk heatless curlers work?

Simply wrap your hair around the silk curler before you go to sleep, tie in place with our 100% silk scrunchies (included in the gift set) and wake up with frizz-free hair and beautiful overnight curls! This process takes under 5 minutes once you are familiar with the steps. A step-by-step guide on how to use silk heatless curlers is also available here.

Why use silk heatless hair curlers vs. heated curlers?

Protect hair from damage - as no heat is required, there is no risk of heat damage. This is a low-maintenance way to style your hair whilst also helping to keep it healthy and strong.

Silk prevents frizz - Mulberry silk creates less friction against your hair compared to other materials like cotton, which helps to remove frizz from your hair as it creates overnight curls.

Hydrate your hair - mulberry silk is less absorbent than other materials like cotton, which means that it absorbs less moisture from your hair overnight.

Innovative design - our silk heatless curlers has been designed to have a special slim-fit design, so that they make the best heatless curlers for sleeping in overnight. Our design differs from other heatless curlers in the market, as this makes it lighter and means it sits more flat against your head to make it more comfortable when you sleep with it for heatless curls overnight.

Gift-ready - The Silk Collection Heatless Curling Ribbon is packed into our signature gift box to make the perfect gift. It also comes with 2 of our best-selling classic silk scrunchies (worth £20!) to help to tie your hair whilst you are using it. This is the perfect gift for any haircare lover who cares as much about haircare as they do style!

Do heatless curlers work on short hair?

We recommend that hair is at least shoulder-length in order to use our silk heatless curlers. This is so that all the hair can be wrapped around the silk curling ribbon in order to create the curls effectively.

What does The Silk Collection heatless curls gift set contain?

This gift set contains 1 x silk heatless curler and 2 x mulberry silk scrunchies (worth £20!). This set will be hand-packaged into our signature luxury Silk Collection gift box to make the perfect gift.


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