Silk Products Care & FAQs

How should I care for my silk pillowcase and accessories?

We use the highest grade silk available in the world and a luxury thickness of 22 momme, which means that our silk is durable and machine-washable. As silk is a delicate fabric by nature, the more carefully your silk pillowcase and accessories are looked after, the longer they will last.

1. Hand-wash (silk pillowcases, silk eye masks, silk face masks, silk scrunchies and silk headbands)

We recommend hand-washing your silk items in cool water (below 30°C) with a gentle pH neutral detergent.

See our step-by-step guide here.

    2. Machine-wash (silk pillowcases only)

    Our silk pillowcases are machine-washable on a cool or delicates setting (below 30°C). Only a small amount of liquid silk detergent should be used (pH neutral) and we also recommend turning the pillowcase inside out and placing in a laundry bag before washing.

    See our step-by-step guide here

    Will my silk items crease or wrinkle after washing?

    Our products are made from 100% natural mulberry silk which means that they may wrinkle slightly as you use it or after washing.

    For silk pillowcases - you can iron your silk pillowcase on a silk setting or steam.  We recommend ironing the silk pillowcase through a damp cotton cloth using a low temperature silk setting.

    For silk scrunchies, silk eye masks and silk headbands, we recommend steaming these products.

    What packaging materials do you use? 

    Your order will be packaged into a cardboard postal box or envelope and where required, items are protected using EcoFlo loose fill. This is a plastic-free packaging peanuts made from starch and are 100% compostable. These can be re-used, placed in a compost bin or simply dissolved in water in the sink!

    What does momme count mean?

    This is the universal measure of the weight of silk, which typically indicates the thickness of silk fabric. 

    For bedding, a minimum momme count of 19 momme should be used. Whilst many silk pillowcases available in retail stores are 19 momme (or sometimes lower), we use a momme count of 22, which has almost 20% more silk than an equivalent 19 momme pillowcase. This means that the silk will feel thicker as well as being more durable and feels more comforting on your skin.

    Why should I switch from using cotton?

    Although cotton may feel soft, it is more abrasive than silk and creates more friction against your skin and hair. This leads to creases on your face and dehydrated skin during the night, as well as tugging on your delicate hair, which causes hair breakage and frizz.

    Silk has a smoother surface compared to cotton and retains less moisture than cotton, which makes silk pillowcases and accessories better for your hair and skin. Silk also naturally heat regulates your skin, which keeps you cool while you sleep to give you an overall more comfortable sleeping experience. See more benefits of silk here.

    Why should I buy from The Silk Collection?

    • Premium quality - we use the highest grade 6A long fibre 100% mulberry silk, with a luxury thickness of 22 momme.
    • Everyday luxury – we provide the highest quality silk products without the premium price tag.
    • Thoughtful gifting - we create a simple way to send luxurious gifts to loved ones to boost their wellbeing during challenging times.
    • Slow fashion movement - we use natural silk fabric to create high quality, timeless pieces made to last.
    • Free from toxic dyes – we only use eco-friendly dyes, certified STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.
    • Support small – The Silk Collection is a small UK business, with all orders hand packaged ourselves in London.
    • Supporting mental health awareness – we donate 10% of our profits to Mind Charity.

    What is your shipping policy?

    UK shipping

    We offer FREE standard UK shipping on all orders above £50

    For UK orders under £50, a £2.99 shipping fee will apply for standard shipping. We also offer Next Day delivery service (1-2 working days) for a fee of £5.50.